30ml Transport Vials

30ml Transport Vials

For the transport of faecal specimens for intestinal parasite examination.

In the laboratory intestinal parasites are confirmed by the identification of cysts, protozoan trophozoites, larvae and helminth eggs. The priorities of these clinical laboratories do not always permit the immediate examination of a fresh sample. The prompt collection and transportation of these samples cannot always be guaranteed. Furthermore, freezing, refrigeration and / or incubation of samples cannot ensure the full recovery of parasites at all stages of identification.

Single use device for in vitro diagnostic use only


The Apacor Transportation Vial offers standardised protocol for persons not trained in the handling of microbiological materials. Its ease of use allows for the correct procedures to be maintained for the routine collection, transportation, preservation, and the examination of faecal samples for the identification of intestinal parasites to be examined by a qualified parasitologist.

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