Cerocon® Cerebrospinal Fluid Protein Concentrator

Cerocon® Cerebrospinal Concentrator

Product Description

Cerocon® centrifugal concentrators are used for the concentration, separation and filtration of dissolved solutes. Cerocon® is ideal for the concentration of CSF or urine for the resolution of oligoclonal electrophoresis bands.

Health and Safety Benefits

  • Stable construction – disposable device

  • No cross contamination enclosed unit

  • No cleaning required

  • Single use, no sample contamination

Performance Benefits

  • Easy to use, just add sample
  • Concentration of .ml to .ml in one step
  • Fixed deadstop prevents the inadvertent drying out of sample
  • Ultra low binding membrane allows rapid proportionate concentration of antibody chains
  • Highly hydrophilic membrane surface allows excellent product recovery even with low molecular weight proteins
  • Inverted design allows % recovery of protein
  • 5ml urine concentration in under 40 minutes
Instruction Sheet