Uricon® Protein Concentrator

Uricon® Protein Concentrator

For urine concentration without equipment to prepare for electrophoresis.

Product Description

The Uricon® concentrator provides a reliable method for the rapid concentration of proteins from clinical samples such as serum and urine. It is of particular interest to hospital laboratories carrying out routine enrichment of body fluids prior to electrophoresis.

Health and Safety Benefits

  • Single, re‐sealable cell
  • Exceptionally easy to use, just add sample
  • Unique luer lock lid reduces possibility of contamination, unpleasant odours or spillage
  • Stable construction ‐ disposable device
  • No cross contamination single cell device
  • No refilling necessary to achieve a 300x concentration

 Performance Benefits

  • Maximum 15ml capacity
  • Fixed deadstop (50μl) prevents the inadvertent drying out of sample
  • Ultra low protein binding membrane allows rapid, proportionate concentration of antibody chains
  • Highly hydrophilic membrane surface allows excellent product recovery even with low molecular weight proteins
  • 5ml urine concentration in under 40 minutes
Instruction Sheet