Mini Parasep®

Mini Parasep®

For the clean and efficient concentration of:
Helminth ova and larvae
Protozoa cysts and oocysts

Single use device for in vitro diagnostic use only

Health and Safety Benefits

  • Totally enclosed/sealed process
  • Reduced reagent volumes
  • No cleaning required
  • Single use, no sample contamination
  • Ready to use systems available

Performance Benefits

  • Optimum sample recovery
  • Enhanced sample clarity
  • Rapid four step process
  • Human resources optimised
  • Easy patient identification
Instruction Sheet

Apacor Mini Parasep Product Video: STANDARD WITH SOLVENT


Watch the Mini Parasep Standard tutorial video and learn about performance and safety benefits of using Apacor for your filtration needs. Use Apacor Faecal Parasite Concentrators for clean, efficient concentration of helminth ova and larvae and protozoal cysts, oocysts.